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Jiles Ship Image

Jiles H. Ship
Chapter President
Commissioner, New Jersey Police Training Commission

Maeweather Quovella VP

Quovella Maeweather
Executive-Vice President
Director, Franklin Twp. Police Department

Sheilah Coley Image

Sheilah Coley
Vice-President North
Director, Trenton Police Department

Bruce DeShields Image

Bruce DeShields
Vice-President South
Atlantic County Prosecutors’ Office, Chief of Detectives (Retired)

Siddeeq El-Amin

Siddeeq W. El-Amin
Captain (Retired), Plainfield Police Division

Corinne Mason Image

Corinne N. Mason
Recording Secretary
Detective, Morris County Prosecutor’s Office

Vince Wilson Image

Vince Wilson
Financial Secretary
Lieutenant, Franklin Township Police Department

Joey Renee McClary Image

Joey Renee McClary
Corresponding Secretary
Corrections Officer, Hudson County Corrections

Stacey Lloyd Image

Stacey Lloyd
Sergeant at Arms
Sergeant First Class, New Jersey State Police

Lawrence Suffern Image

Lawrence Suffern
Chief, Englewood Police Department

Gilbert Wilson | Public Information Officer

Gilbert L. Wilson
Public Information Officer

Earl Graves Image

Earl Graves
Chairperson, Director, Elizabeth Police Department

George Destin Image

Georges Destin
Sergeant (Ret.), East Orange Police Department

Ernest Jubilee Image

Ernest Jubilee
Chief (Ret.), Atlantic City Police Department

Tyrone Williams Image

Tyrone Williams, Jr.
Lieutenant, Montclair Police Department

Keith Stith Image

Keith Stith
Chief, Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office

William Oliver Image

Willam H. Oliver
Special Assistant to the President
Deputy Chief (Ret.) Essex County Prosecutor’s Office

Thomas Finlayson

Thomas C. Finlayson, Jr.
Special Assistant to the President
Lieutenant (Ret.), New York Police Department

NOBLE, New Jersey Chapter Logo

Shelia Hobson
Chapter Chaplain