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The New Jersey Chapter formally, the Northern New Jersey Chapter of NOBLE was founded in 1983 by eleven NJ members who met to form a local Chapter. Prior to that time, Northern New Jersey was part of the New York/Northern New Jersey Chapter of NOBLE. Early members of this Chapter included Charlie Daniels, Henry DeGeneste, Eugene Drayton and James Spellman.

Founder Images | Hubert Williams and T.C. TisdonThe first meeting of NOBLE Northern New Jersey chapter was hosted by Eugene Drayton and held at West Bank Civic Center on First Street in Hoboken. This meeting was attended by Charlie Daniels, Eugene Drayton, James Spellman, Henry DeGeneste, Edgar Barcliff, Leonard McGhee, Lou Greenleaf, Lonnie Harris, Anthony Whitaker, Leon Adams, and Clarence Brown. In addition, some members from the New York Chapter also attended. Later, the meeting location moved to Newark as a result of the Hoboken building being sold. James Spellman offered his father’s Church on Broadway and eventually, the Chapter membership began to grow. Other future meeting locations would include Orange and Piscataway.

In 1982 a dispute developed between NY and NJ members to recognize a North Jersey Mayor as part of an award ceremony that would also recognize three New York officials. A vote was taken by the membership and the North Jersey Mayor was not included in the recognition ceremony.

Recognizing that Northern New Jersey could have more of a significant effective impact upon issues in New Jersey the founders decided to create the Northern New Jersey Chapter of NOBLE. Charlie Daniels served as the first Chapter President.

Since it’s founding, NOBLE NNJ has continually strived to fulfill the vision of its founders. The Northern New Jersey Chapter of NOBLE continues to promote the principle of mutual accountability between the criminal justice system and the community. The Chapter works closely with other members of the criminal justice system, public service organization, civic groups, clergy, and educational institution to enhance public safety, mentor our youth and improve the quality of life in the communities we serve.