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The National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Agencies (NOBLE) is developing a pilot program titled, “Mentoring Potential Chief Executive Officers” (CEO’s). The mentoring program will have three major components:

  1. The first will be classroom instruction on the knowledge, skills, and abilities areas required for a Law Enforcement Chief Executive Officer.
  2. The second will involve mentoring by experienced CEO’s on personal characteristics that lead to job success.
  3. The third will involve mentoring on the progression of steps; from the career development plan to getting hired as a CEO and concluding with succession planning and your exit strategy.

If you are a NOBLE member that aspires to become a Chief Executive Officer, NOBLE has designed a program specifically for you. If you have been working hard to prepare yourself for the ultimate career challenge of overseeing a Law Enforcement Agency, we want to help you.

It is difficult to be successful in a Chief Executive Officer selection process. It is even more difficult to successfully manage a Law Enforcement Agency. It is also important to know when and how to implement your succession plan.

NOBLE is seeking outstanding candidates, who have been preparing themselves for a career to be a CEO and who want the benefit of mentoring and coaching.

The Master-Apprentice method is the oldest training method in the world and is still the best. A master can increase your skills and performance.

If this describes you and your goals, please apply.

Technical Abilities (I.Q.)

  • Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSA’s)
  • Education
  • Training

Personal Characteristics (E.Q.)

  • Character Development
  • Service Orientation
  • Human Relation Skills
  • Team Building Goals

Professional Progression to CEO Job

  • Professional Development Plan
  • Job Selection
  • Manage the Selection Process
    (as a candidate)
  • Negotiating Salary and Benefits
  • Job Acceptance
  • Pre-Appointment Action Plan
  • First Sixth Months on the Job
  • Implementing Job Effectiveness Plan
  • Succession Plan

Should have a minimum of:

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Law Enforcement Management School such as:
    • FBI NA
    • Northwestern Police Staff & Command
    • Southern Police Institute
  • Captain or higher (whatever title) in mid-size or larger Law Enforcement Agency,
    Second in command at a smaller Law Enforcement Agency.
  • An Assistant Special Agent-in-Charge of a Federal Agency Field Office.Potential candidates may be from a Law Enforcement Agency of any size or type including local, regional, State and Federal.