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Join NOBLE and help serve as the conscience of law enforcement by being committed to Justice by Action. The national organization has nearly 60 chapters and represents over 3,000 members worldwide that represent Chief Executive Officers and Command-Level law enforcement officials from federal, state, county, municipal law enforcement agencies, and criminal justice practitioners. NOBLE, National serves more than 60,000 youth through its major program components which include: Mentoring, Education, Leadership Development, and Safety.

The following is a list of the categories of NOBLE National membership and their dues:”

To become a local chapter member you have to join and be a member in good standing with NOBLE National.
New Jersey Chapter Dues is $50 annually for all members, regardless of NOBLE National membership status

Regular Membership Dues are $150 Annually – Law enforcement CEOs and command level officials with the rank of Lieutenant or above and federal government law enforcement officials with the grade of GS-13 and above. Civilian criminal justice executives who are active members of a federal, state, or municipal law enforcement agency, or other agency, and whose permanent position is that of Director, Deputy Director, Superintendent, Deputy Superintendent, Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner, or Chief Executive Officer of a law enforcement agency or department.

Associate Membership Dues are $100 Annually – Law enforcement individuals below the rank of Lieutenant, criminal justice educators, and federal government law enforcement individuals with a grade below GS-13. Civilian criminal justice manager/administrator who is currently employed in a federal, state, or municipal law enforcement agency.

Supporting Membership Dues are $55 Annually – Security officers, civilian employees, community supporters and other non-sworn individuals interested in furthering the goals of NOBLE.

Sustaining Membership Dues are $525 Annually – Corporations, organizations, or individuals interested in furthering the goals of NOBLE.

Collegiate Membership – National Collegiate dues waived for the 2020-2021 Membership Years – Any college and/or university student, who is an active member of a sanctioned NOBLE Collegiate chapter housed on a college and/or university campus and under the sponsorship of an established NOBLE chapter interested in furthering the goals of NOBLE.

NOBLE New Jersey Chapter

We offer two convenient methods for submitting an application for membership. For those of you who prefer to submit your application and payment online through our secure portal, simply complete the form on the left. All others can click the “Download Chapter Application” button below to print and submit your application by mail.

Current members can also pay your application renewal online by clicking the “Pay Chapter Renewal” button below.

NOBLE National

As a convenience to our members, we are offering links below to submit an application to the national organization and to pay your national renewal.

Reminder to all Members to designate New Jersey Chapter as “Chapter Affiliation.”