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NOBLE Committees are dedicated to Justice by Action

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Detective Captain, Morris County Prosecutor's Office (Ret.)

V. Harrison Dillard
Chairperson, Diversity Committee
Detective Captain, Morris County Prosecutor’s Office (Ret.)

Reform-minded law enforcement professional with over twenty-five years of experience working in government administration and a demonstrated history of implementing substantial policy and procedural changes designed to improve outcomes and force multiply. Results-driven U.S. Army Veteran, highly skilled in designing and directing new programs and initiatives geared towards promoting professionalism and accountability in order to strengthen trust with the communities we serve. Dedicated to working collaboratively to proactively advocate and support diversity and inclusion.

Graduate of Rutgers University, Newark Campus


Corinne Mason Karen Smith-Moore
Sly Francis Lashonda Burgess
Mahasin El-Amin Stacey Lloyd
Yolanda Ward Michelle Tege
Kamil Warraich David Owens

Civil Rights & Diversity Committee

The Civil Rights & Diversity Committee shall consist of a Chair and its appointed members that are appointed by the Chapter President. It shall be the duty of the Civil Rights Committee to:

  1. Create a repository for information and research data regarding civil rights.
  2. Identify the best practice models for law enforcement.
  3. Liaise with civil and human rights organizations on areas of similar concerns.
  4. Develop strategies that support diversity and inclusion within the criminal justice system and law enforcement.

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Henry White Image

Henry White
Chairperson, Constitution and Bylaws Committee
Chief, Atlantic City Police Department

He is a product of the public school system and a proud graduate of Atlantic City High School. He joined the Atlantic City Police Department in 1985. As a Patrolman his assignments included Safe Streets Unit (Foot Patrol) and Alpha, Bravo and Charlie Platoons. Between 1988 and 1997 his assignments as Detective consisted of the Narcotics Section, Major Crimes Unit and the Intelligence Unit. During this period, he was also a member of the Hostage Negotiating Team and was the Critical Incident Stress Management Officer for ACPD.



Richard Gregory Sandra Walker
Olu Ajayi Lawrence Suffern

Constitution and Bylaws Committee

The Constitution and Bylaws Committee shall consist of the Chapter Parliamentarian as the Chair and its appointed members that are appointed by the Chapter President. It shall be the duty of the Constitution and Bylaws Committee to:

  1. Receive and evaluate recommendations for changes in the Constitution and Bylaws.
  2. Present to the Chapter revisions and amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws.

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George Destin Image

George Destin
Chairperson, Dinner Dance Committee
Sergeant (Ret.), East Orange Police Department

While attending high school in Virginia, he became interested in law enforcement. This was a natural career fit for him since he has a genuine love for helping others in the community. Sergeant Destin has a total of twenty-eight (28) years of law enforcement experience. He was employed by the East Orange Police Department from January 1995 to April 2018 and held assignments in various units including, but not limited to the Community Policing Unit, Auto Squad, Patrol Division, School Squad (School Resource Officer), Records Bureau, SDSC (Strategic Decision Support Center), Court Squad (East Orange Municipal Court) and a second time in the SDSC (Strategic Decision Support Center) where he also worked in the Essex County Sheriff’s Office Ballistics Unit. During his time in the SDSC, he was assigned as the agency’s TAC Officer who was the liaison between the FBI and State Police. He also brought five (5) years of law enforcement experience with him from another agency.


Sandra Walker Linda Montgomery-Williams
Craig Epps Shawneequa Jackson
Shantay Porter Rapunzle Jackson
Yasmine Johnson  

Dinner Dance Committee

The Dinner Dance Committee shall consist of a Chair and its members that are appointed by the Chapter President. It shall be the duty of the Dinner Dance Committee to:

  1. To research and recommend to the Executive Board the venue of the Annual Dinner Dance.

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Quovella Sprull Image

Quovella M. Spruill
Chairperson, Education and Training Committee
Director, Chief (Ret.) Essex County Prosecutor’s Office

Presently serves as the first Public Safety Director of the Franklin Police Department, in the Township of Franklin (Somerset), New Jersey. She manages a department of approximately 125 law enforcement and civilian personnel.

Recently retired from the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office in Newark, New Jersey as the first female Chief of Detectives. She is a graduate of New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) graduating with an Engineering Degree in Environmental Science; and she obtained a master’s degree from Seton Hall University majoring in Human Resources Training and Development. She was one of the youngest managers in the City of Newark, during that period she was recognized as one of Ebony magazine’s “30 Future Leaders Under 30”.


Corinne Mason Renee McClary
Sly Francis Yolanda Ward
Lashonda Burgess Stanton Holder
Mahasin El-Amin Michelle Tege
Dimitri Collins Robert Turner
Bruce DeShields Tinca Robinson
Monica Coursey Ronald Robinson
Keith Lamont Stith Kidert Jean-Mary
Stacey Lloyd Olu Ajayi
Alton Jackson Harrison Dillard

Education and Training Committee

The Education and Training Committee shall consist of a Chair and its members that are appointed by the Chapter President. It shall be the duty of the Education and Training Committee to:

  1. Identify training needs and select, develop, coordinate and implement workshops for the Chapter.
  2. Assist with the research and development of new training initiatives which demonstrate progressive policing practices.
  3. Identify funding resources with which to provide training.
  4. Provide leadership and assistance for Chapter training initiatives.

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Michael Conrad Image

Michael A. Conrad
Chairperson, Finance Committee
Deputy Director, Hudson County Department of Corrections

Started my career in corrections in August of 1995. I graduated from the Monmouth County Police Academy in December 1997. In December of 2002, I was promoted to the rank of Sergeant.

In September 2008, I was selected to participate in the Immigration and Custom Enforcement’s 287(g) program at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Charleston, SC. The training program was a rigorous four-week training that included coursework in immigration law, the use of ICE databases, multi-cultural communication and the avoidance of racial profiling.



William Oliver David Owens
Henry White Whip Wilson
Thomas Finlayson Cynthia Hargis
LaToya Krumf Ronald Robinson
Sheilah Coley Siddeeq El-Amin
Earl Graves Shelia Hobson

The Finance Committee shall consist of a Chair and its members that are appointed by the Chapter President. It shall be the duty of the Finance Committee to:

  1. Consider the financial needs of the Chapter and recommend dues and fees to the Executive Board.
  2. Plan, evaluate and recommend the annual operating budget to the Executive Board.
  3. Recommend to the Executive Board the general financial policies of the Chapter.
  4. Study and develop financial plans to strengthen the financial base of the Chapter with input from the Executive Board.
  5. Oversee and Monitor fiscal control of the approved budget of the Chapter.

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Shelia Hobson
Chairperson, Health & Welfare Committee
Rev. Lieutenant


Ronald Robinson Michelle Tege
Pamela Lewis  

Health & Welfare Committee

The Health & Welfare Committee shall consist of a Chair and its members that are appointed by the Chapter President. It is the duty of the Health & Welfare Committee to:

  1. Establish contact with chapter members who are experiencing sickness, illness or death in the immediate family; the committee shall also establish and maintain a roster of chapter members who have been contacted and review past costs of providing services to chapter members and submit for budget planning.

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Sheilah Coley Image

Sheilah Coley
Chairperson, Legislative Affairs Committee
Director, Trenton Police Department

Joined the Newark Police Department in 1989. As a patrol officer, she was assigned to the West and East Districts. In 1991, she was a detective in the Narcotics Unit and the East Detective’s Squad. She also worked with the Newark Police Athletic League (NPAL), where she developed and supervised activities for the youth population. In 1996, Director Coley was promoted to Sergeant. In that capacity, she returned to the West District as Patrol Supervisor. She was later assigned to Internal Affairs and Professional Standards Bureaus.

Director Coley graduated from Fairleigh Dickenson University earning bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Administrative Science, respectively. She recently accepted a position to lead the men and women of the Trenton Police Department. Director Coley is also a member of the American Legion.


Tyrone Williams, Jr. Corinne Mason
Earl Graves Lawrence Suffern
Arlene Evans Mahasin El-Amin
Stanton Holder Whip Wilson
Keith Stith Harrison Dillard
Kamil Warraich  

Legislative Affairs Committee

The Legislative Affairs Committee shall consist of a Chair and its members that are appointed by the Chapter President. It shall be the duty of the legislative Affairs Committee to:

  1. Monitor legislation as it relates directly and indirectly to law enforcement.

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Thomas Finlayson, Jr.
Chairperson, Membership Committee
Lieutenant (Ret.) New York Police Department

A native New Yorker who grew up in Southeast Queens and attended Martin Van Buren High School. He is an alumnus of Lehman College with a Bachelors Degree in Economics and holds a Master Degree in Public Administration-Inspector General from John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Thomas began his Law Enforcement career in July 1984, when he was sworn into the New York City Police Department. Rising rapidly through the ranks, he was able to achieve Detective-Investigator, Sergeant and Lieutenant. During his tenure in the New York City Police Department he held several enforcement and administrative positions.


Vice Chairman: Georges Destin Linda Montgomery-Williams
Olu Ajayi Alton Jackson

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee shall consist of a Chair and its appointed members that are appointed by the Chapter President. It shall be the duty of the Member Committee to:

  1. Develop and provide membership programs and services as directed by the Executive Board.
  2. Develop and promote continuous programs for the enhancement, retention and reclamation of the membership.
  3. Present membership concerns to the Executive Board.

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Ernest Jubilee Image

Ernest Jubilee
Chairman, Nominations & Elections
Chief (Ret.), Atlantic City Police Department




Michelle Tege Renee McClary

Nominations & Elections Committee

The Nominations & Elections Committee shall consist of a Chair and its members that are appointed by the Chapter President. Members who are not a
candidate for national office. It shall be the duty of the Nominations Committee to:

  1. To obtain in writing from each candidate a Letter of Intent.
  2. The Nominations Committee Chair and committee shall make a final determination as to the credibility and/or acceptance of any nominations by the member.
  3. Nominate one or more members from the organization with the skills to fill whatever positions exist on the Executive Board.
  4. Submit a Final Report to the Chapter President and the Executive Board.
  5. Adjudicate with the National President and the National Secretary any discrepancies concerning the credentials of voting members.
  6. Oversee the election process at the Annual Conference.

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Sheila Thorne Image

Sheila Thorne

Chairperson, Public Relations Committee
President & CEO
A native New Yorker, Sheila Thorne has been a marketing communications professional for more than two decades. A former senior executive in five of the nation’s preeminent marketing, advertising and communications companies, she has guided her team of seasoned marketing and media professionals of color in her own company since 2003. A former middle school and high school teacher of foreign languages, she has represented Fortune 500 companies throughout North America, Latin America and Western Europe.


Public Relations Committee

The Public Relations Committee shall consist of a Chair, Co-chair and its appointed members that are appointed by the Chapter President. The responsibilities of the Public Relations Committee are:

  1. Create and distribute information on a weekly/monthly basis to the members, partners and sponsors of the New Jersey Chapter, including but not limited to the community at large, the media, legislators, appointed officials and various community-based entities.
  2. Production of the Chapter newsletter.
  3. Publicity and promotion of annual chapter signature events, special events and community-based activities.
  4. Development and management of Chapter Speakers Bureau.
  5. Development and management of Chapter Advisory for Chapter Professional and Personal Development

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Corinne Mason Image

Corinne Mason
Chairperson, Resolutions Committee
Detective, Morris County Prosecutor’s Office

She has been an essential component of the Law Enforcement Community since 2007. In January 2019, Mason joined the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office, where she is currently assigned to the Professional Standards Unit. In this role, Mason is responsible for monitoring and/or conducting sensitive and confidential investigations involving criminal violations committed by elected and appointed officials, as well as other public employees.

A native of New Jersey, Mason earned her Bachelor of Arts in Public Service Administration from Fairleigh Dickinson University in 2016, her Master of Human Services at Lincoln University in 2018 and continues to pursue her education through numerous professional certifications.


Ernest Jubilee Renee McClary
Michelle Tege  

Resolutions Committee

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Lashonda Burgess
Chairperson, Scholarship Committee


Vice Chairman: Spence Osaigbovo Michelle Tege
Mahasin El-Amin Lori Scott-Pickens
Craig Epps Karen Smith-Moore
Arlene Evans Alton Jackson

Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee shall consist of a Chair and its members that are appointed by the Chapter President. It shall be the duty of the Scholarship Committee to:

  1. Develop and administer the scholarship program of the Chapter and make recommendations concerning the same to the Executive Board.
  2. Make recommendations on applications submitted for NOBLE scholarships.

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Lawrence Suffern Image

Lawrence Suffern
Chairperson, Strategic Planning Committee
Chief, Englewood Police Department

Born and raised in the City of Englewood. He is a product of the Englewood School system and a graduate of Dwight Morrow High School. He joined the City of Englewood’s Police Department as a police dispatcher in 1987. In 1988 he was hired as a police officer and attended the Bergen County Police Academy as a member of class #61, successfully graduating December 1988. Upon graduation he was assigned to the Patrol Division providing police services to the community. In 1994 he was promoted to detective and served in the Youth Services Unit and Internal Affairs Unit. He was promoted to the rank of Sergeant in 1997 and served as the officer in charge of the Traffic Bureau, Records Section, Directed Patrol Unit in addition to Administration and Patrol supervision responsibilities.


Stacey Lloyd Bruce DeShields
Michelle Tege Earl Graves
Kamil Warraich Ronald Robinson
Corinne Mason Lori Scott-Pickens

Strategic Planning Committee

The Strategic Planning Committee shall consist of the Vice President, a Chair and its members that are appointed by the Chapter President. It is the duty of the Strategic Planning Committee to:

  1. Establish and develop short term and long-term goals, objectives and activities.
  2. Communicate the goals, objectives and activities to the Executive Board.
  3. Ensure implementation of the goals, objectives and activities by the Executive Board.
  4. Perform evaluations of the results and accomplishments of the set goals and objectives.

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Siddeeq El-Amin

Siddeeq El-Amin
Chairperson, Ways & Means Committee
Captain (Retired) Plainfield Police Division, City of Plainfield, New Jersey

Siddeeq W. El-Amin is a graduate of Summit High School, where he excelled in athletics; a graduate of Rutgers College, New Brunswick, New Jersey (B.S. ’68) and played football. He received his Masters of Public Administration (MPA) degree from Rutgers University Newark in May 1997. He is a former Physical Education Teacher in Woodbridge Township and Piscataway Township, NJ from 1968 to 1971.

From 1971 to 1974, Mr. El-Amin was a Counselor – Special Programs, in the Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) Program at Rutgers College. El-Amin later served as an Administrative Assistant in the Rutgers University Department of Academic Foundations, writing a Training Manual to train other Counselors and Instructors.


Earl Graves Jiles H. Ship
Sandra Walker Eugene Drayton
Tyrone Williams Kamil Warrich
Sly Francis Renee McClary
Janeen Taylor Ronald Robinson
Shawneequa Jackson Georges Destin

Ways & Means Committee

The Ways & Means Committee shall consist of a Chair and its members that are appointed by the Chapter President. It is the duty of the Way & Means Committee to:

  1. Survey needs to evaluate findings and make recommendations to the Executive Board of fund-raising projects to commensurate with aims, purposes and resources of the Chapter.
  2. Develop and coordinate financial projects that are consistent with the long-range plan and the priorities as approved by the Executive Board.